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Due to this ever growing interest in real wife swap, we have had to adapt and develop the site to give you the very best features available to wife swapping couples in the UK.But on top of the great free wife swapping adverts, you will also find dogging information and details of UK wife swapping clubs and reviews as well as articles and stories written about the activities of real wife swaps members.

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Our suite was equipped with curtains rather than doors on the rooms, and our curtains were tied open.Wife Swapping, or swinging as it now more commonly referred to, has grown over recent years to a point where approximately 1 in 10 UK couples is actively involved in swapping partner and wives at clubs and private wife swapping parties for an evening of fun, all this means that there now more fab swingers adverts for you to view than ever before.A lot of this is due to the ever growing number of programs on the television about swinging and the lifestyle in general, although one program on it's own has increased the number of people looking to 'wife swap', and that is the channel 4 program by the same name.I had gotten Julie pregnant when she was 16, and even at that, I was not the first boy to sample her wares. We both knew that she had gone to the room of Max, one of the other guests at the resort.Julie and I were both glad Candie had not gotten pregnant yet. She made no effort to cover or conceal the evidence of their sexual dalliance.

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