Dating after marriage breakup

Your priorities become different since you've been through some shit.

I feel like getting married and divorced so young completely changed my perspective on what I wanted out of a partner.

There is the old cliché about meeting someone on the rebound but as with all cliches it has come about because it contains truth. If your view of the opposite sex is seriously damaged by your marriage experience it is all too easy to generalise about the opposite sex but these prejudices will block you from forming a healthy new relationship.

If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you’ve always got.

A new freedom When you are ready and have fully let go of your marriage it can be an exciting time.

The end of a marriage is never easy, but when you're young, divorce can present some unexpected hurdles.

Here, three men open up about what it was like to start dating again after getting divorced in their twenties."My ex-wife was the one who initiated the divorce.

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