Dating black glass bottles

Most sea glass collectors covet black shards because of their scarcity, and because black glass has been produced in limited amounts in contemporary times, much of the black sea glass lying on the beach is decades to hundreds of years old. Rather its true color is a dark, olive green or dark amber. The beauty of black sea glass is not only its color, it’s also its rarity and its historical significance.

Most black shards are found in the Caribbean and other older historic sites where the liquor trade was common during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Another 1805 ad for BOTTLED PORTER ALE & CIDER (both foreign and domestic) mentions a bottling cellar at 96 North Howard Street, with a front cellar "fitted up" to accommodate the public, who may, after an afternoon walk to the park, be These advertisements are representative of a substantial brewing and bottling trade for 'Porter, Ale & Cider' in the City of Baltimore during the manufacture and use of this bottle.

One of these proprietors may have handled the bottle pictured to your right at some point in time. DATING & PROVENANCE The sand pontil, form, density of color and transitional lip treatment are the most definitive characteristics in dating this bottle.

A major benefit of using the internet to accomplish this task is the ability to use hundreds (or thousands) of illustrative pictures that would not be possible (or affordable) if published in book form.

Another benefit of the internet is the relative ease of revising and/or adding information to a website as corrected or new information becomes available.

If you’re interested in historic bottles, you may enjoy browsing the Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website.

Then years passed and people started really hitting the ghost towns and mining camps and logging camps of the West.In the 1980's, I had acquired a similar black glass bottle in an antique shop in Laurel, Md.It was free blown or form molded, but in a taller, more narrow rum or ale shape.Why, you might wonder, is this information presented via a website, and not a more traditional printed publication?The website states: In order to answer or address questions related to the dating and typing a bottle, a lot of information must be presented in a way that is accessible to the user of this site.

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