Dating commercial mountaintop

Hike alongside icy, thundering streams and amid wildflower-dotted meadows.

Traverse Akshayuk Pass, a natural corridor through a landscape of towering rock - a haven for experienced mountaineers and backcountry skiers.

Located in Labrador, the glacially-rounded, bare rock summits of the Mealy Mountains reach up to 1180 meters to overlook Lake Melville.

The pristine landscape of mountain tundra, marine coasts, boreal forests, islands and rivers are home to numerous boreal species.

With the turning of the foliage to bright colors being only second best to New England.The park encompasses a variety of landscapes from fertile river valleys to polar deserts, buttes and badlands, rolling hills, and bold seacoasts.A zig-zag skyline of craggy granite peaks and glittering glaciers overlooks tundra valleys and steep-walled fiords whose winding waterways teem with narwhal and ringed seals, Auyuittuq is a diverse and grand-scale Arctic experience.The entire weight of the building is carried by massive, hand hewn beams held together by wooden pegs. Old Sweet Resort was a popular mineral springs resort from the late 1700s to the early 1930s.Many dignitaries – such as Queen Victoria and the King of England and 6 US presidents – visited the Old Sweet in its “heyday.” The resort featured the famous mineral spring, cool evenings, the splendid Sweet Springs Valley and the Allegheny Mountains.

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