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My future partner would find a reliable, emotionally supportive, and devoted partner, friend, lover and wife.

I enjoy traveling all over the world, I love arts, theatres, movies, also I am addicted to driving, I enjoy driving cars very much. I might be a very good cook- if there is somebody whom I can surprise and seduce.

Remi commented on the project, "When I listened back you would hear some of the conversations in between—that was emotional. She has put a body of work together that will inspire an unborn generation.

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I have visited many countries, I adore the sea - I was born in a town on the sea. I am fond of nature and I spend much time with nearest people.and features unreleased songs and demos selected by Mark Ronson, Salaam Remi and Winehouse's family, including the first single, "Body and Soul", with Tony Bennett.The album was released in aid of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.Meanwhile, Thom is rapidly poisoned by his own magic, by its interaction with that of Roger.On the eve of the Coronation, Tortall's Great Mother Goddess warns Alanna that the Coronation will be a "crossroad in time", decisive of the realm's future.

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