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Historically as well as today, Tibetan products are most often produced by the people of Nepal, known as Newari, who have been regarded as some of the world’s greatest artisans for over 1,000 years.

While singing bowls may have been used by Tibetans, they were most certainly made by the Nepalese, both historically and today.

Kubera is shown seated on his vehicle, a large beast atop a lotus pod throne.

He is said to have lead the first Nyingma traditionalist teachings in Tibet, the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.If you wish to purchase one of our singing bowls, please visit our online store.At Bodhisattva, we list the approximate age of our singing bowls based on our evaluation of authentic wear on the metal, and date them “circa” their century of manufacture. Absent of a specific date inscribed on the piece, this term is used by art historians to indicate an approximate range 100 years before or after the manufacture.For example, if we label a bowl “18Century, that means we estimate that the date of manufacture could have occurred either 100 years prior to, or after, the 1700s.It is important to note that even amongst art historians, experts sometimes disagree.

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