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One of the boys, Brock, gets pinned underneath the dresser, while Bowdy is able to free himself quickly.

After what feels like an eternity — but is really only two minutes — Bowdy figures out how to lift and slide the dresser to free his twin.

"I've known for years, my mom looks young for her age. But I didn't expect that," said Connor Farrell, a Bucks fans. But little did he know his mother-son night out would turn into an internet frenzy.

Farrell's mom got court side tickets to game six of the series against the Toronto Raptors. "People were texting me, people were commenting on Facebook and posting stuff.

The bearded man is seen shaking his head, pointing at the woman studying her smartphone to his right and mouthing: “She’s my mom!

And that's exactly why his mom shared it, because she knew such a frightening video could make a real impact on parents and remind them to take extra precautions at home to avoid potential tragedies.

The nanny cam video shows the moment when twin toddlers, Bowdy and Brock, start climbing their dresser only to have it collapse down on top of them.

We weighed them every day, sometimes twice a day, and gave them medical attention as needed. NOTE: To watch this cam, you’ll need a Flash-enabled browser.

After running for more than one year, we have turned our cheetah cam off.

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