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The two former couples have had dinner together many times.They were all friends.” The source continued, “But after Roger split with his wife, he began an affair with Rula. Roger and Rula have been together around three months and they discuss Palestine all the time, they are both so very passionate about it.It’s a family affair—Jebreal’s 14-year-old daughter, Miral, for whom the book is named—lives with them, and Schnabel’s daughter Stella has a part in the movie as an Israeli Jew.

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Waters — who has homes in Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton — is a supporter of a boycott of Israel over the issue of Palestinian rights.

It follows an Arab girl growing up in a Jerusalem orphanage during the violence of the 1987 Palestinian uprising.

Schnabel first met Jebreal at a party in 2007, when Schnabel was still married to his second wife, Olatz Lopez Garmendia.

A source tells the publication, "He ended it before the (art festival) Venice Biennale in June.

Heidi Klum appears to have found love again following her split from her bodyguard boyfriend after she was linked to the son of filmmaker Julian Schnabel.

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