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JS: There’s a part of Tommy that’s in love with Holly. It’s not typical for everybody’s job but it’s necessity for it to ring true.There’s a baby aspect of Joseph that loves Lucy [Walters] but only as Lucy is Holly. [To Naturi] As a woman, doing these sex scenes, I assume, can be even more challenging.Obviously the fact that “the naked truth” is a widely understood turn of phrase suggests that, for English-speakers at least, we generally do believe that stripping something or someone down to the bare essentials will reveal something essential about them.Clothes are a great way to hide things we want to conceal about our bodies: perhaps then, trying to hide things from your partner isn’t the best possible way to go into a new relationship. What’s more revealing of your inner self: a t-shirt featuring a political slogan that you’ve decided to wear with pride even though you know people will stare at you, or the dimples on your arse?VH1 has been a success story, logging seven consecutive quarters of ratings growth.

And maybe get sunburnt in all manner of awkward places.

He addresses the scripted strategy for the network, whose slate released today did not include any new scripted projects beyond the previously picked up series MCCARTHY: The key of Bob’s messaging is that the Flagship Six are the brands that have global presence, it’s how we build on that presence, how we bring back these wonderful and iconic film franchises, the legacy of MTV Films, and how we fully actualize the global potential for these brands.

VH1 is a special brand that is incredibly dominant in the U. We have no plans of stopping or slowing down, if anything, we are getting behind it in a bigger way.

So here’s a ranking of TV’s top ten naked reality programs — both the ones that made it to the small screen and the crazy ideas that never aired. Fox’s untitled, possibly scrapped naked dating show Never one to ignore an awful TV trend, Fox announced plans for its own dating naked show, in which contestants would date each other in front of a live studio audience.

But after casting was finished, the plans were suddenly paused when Kevin Reilly left the network.

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