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With four page color advertisements (almost unheard of in that day) published in the popular magazines, he literally stunned the piano industry with the message that here, indeed, was the answer to everyone's prayer for music in the home!

Tremaine and Pianola built an enormous business empire over the next thirty years.

It wasn't long after the turn of the century that it was deemed desirable to "miniaturize" the clumsy Pianola and other similar, instruments so that they could be built directly inside the pianos.

Within a few short years, the push up"players disappeared from the scene. Heller and associates acquired the Sears interest and devoted the production to defense work during World War II.

1907-4600 1908-5400 1909-6300 1910-7200 1911-8000 1912-9100 1913-10300 1914-11500 1915-12700 1916-13600 1917-14500 1918-15400 1919-16200 1920-17000 1921-17800 1922-18600 1923-19000 1924-19890 1925-20300 1926-20900 1927-213001904-26900 1905-29400 1906-31600 1907-32500 1908-38700 1909-41600 1910-43750 1911-45500 1912-49200 1913-53000 1914-57000 1915-60200 1916-42500 1917-65200 1918-68300 1919-70500 1920-74200 1921-77000 1922-80000 1923-83000 1924-86000 1925-91800 1926-93500 1927-96000 1928-100000 1929-104000 1930-105000 1931-106000 1932-107000 1933-108000 Baldwin Uprights and Verticals, Classic, Ellington, Franke, Howard before 1959, Kremlin, Manuelo, Modello, Monarch, St. All Baldwin Upright or Vertical Pianos - Does not include Hamilton Studios or Baldwin Grand Pianos.

1911-62000 1929-210000 1949-438000 1967-831583 1985-1365505 2003-1572931 1912-67000 1930-217000 1950-450300 1968-851540 1986-1383187 2004-1573872 1913-72000 1931-223000 1951-466250 1969-881087 1987-1406054 2005-1575075 1914-77000 1932-232000 1952-488364 1970-912986 1988-1430796 2006-1575411 1915-83000 1933-238000 1953-503000 1971-933476 1989-1453070 2007-1573765 1916-91000 1934-247000 1954-535801 1972-953937 1990-1470443 2008-157726 The manufacturing facilities at East Rochester was comprised of a series of separate and individual factories planned so that manufacturing of the various instruments was carried on in an entirely individual and distinct manner, and by separate organizations, each under direction of men who had been associated with each respective make for many years, thus preserving, unimpaired, the individual and distinctive qualities of each piano. Tremaine was a business genius who brought about the commercial exploitation of the piano player on a big scale.

Anyone that studies vintage American made mandolins, guitars or banjos needs this book.

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Give access to your collection to only who you choose (pending) is a secure and encrypted website.Search the axvault data base for registered serial number (in development) Manufacturer Blogs are cool, but we are trying to get every guitar every where.Can you get build information on all your guitars on Gibson? Can you get your guitar collection build information on Fender?This book is not for the general reader but for someone who wants or needs to know about elderly Washburns or the history of American guitar making it is indispensable.I was very pleased to finally be able to date my antique mandolin.

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