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Yet there is not even so much as a rumour of her being in talks for any new projects. I'm almost out of videos(of her) on utube to watch..I also watched her dramas... It's unfortunate that the drama project with rain was not pushed through,they cud've been a great loveteam.... It's always such a treat to find a drama that I actually like. it made it even more difficult for him to because then he told about his childhood past.

I'd hate to see her become one of those actresses who are more known for appearing in CFs rather than actually doing tv and film work. She really needs just one successful project with a solid lead role to propel herself to the next level in the industry. I really like Kang Sora, I fell in love with her after watching her Just Got Married with Leeteukssi from Suju. which I can understand that it would be hard to love after that.

Il est de notoriété publique que la difficulté est encore plus grande quand on fait le métier d’acteur de cinéma.

Oui, voir son conjoint entrain d’embrasser une autre femme au nom de son métier, ou voir son épouse en train de se faire tripoter par Monsieur X à cause d’un film, aussi bon soit-il, n’a rien de réjouissant, surtout en Afrique.

I really wish that shed be in a new drama with some hot guys. but I believe that is kang sora or some one with the personality of kang sora was to be his partner. even if there are still some scares that an never go away. and I know they both are famous but if they look at all the famous stars that dated openly and showed that they were serious then the only thing holding them back would be fear of themselves, of what others might think, and there career.

I hope her dramas in the future will all get high ratings and awesome feedback. if there is that significant other than I believe life will become easier. and the same for kang sora when I saw an interview of 2013 award.

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Akindele remained silent for days, and many fans hoped this was yet another wicked rumour.

Cette union a fait couler beaucoup d’encre puisque à quelques jours du mariage une jeune dame a clamé publiquement qu’elle était mariée au futur époux depuis plusieurs années et qu’ils n’avaient jamais divorcé. Elle a fournit plusieurs photos comme preuve, mais cela n’a pas empêché les deux tourtereaux de convoler en juste noces.

MISE A JOUR DU 11/05/2012 L’actrice Stphanie Okereke a épousé le Linus Idahosa, un homme d’affaires prospère le 21 Avril 2012.

Nigeria has some of the most advanced recording studio technology in Africa, and provides robust commercial opportunities for music performers.

Ronnie Graham, an historian who specialises in West Africa, has attributed the success of the Nigerian music industry to the country's culture—its "thirst for aesthetic and material success and a voracious appetite for life, love and music, [and] a huge domestic market, big enough to sustain artists who sing in regional languages and experiment with indigenous styles".

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